How to calibrate your ESC’s for Open Pilot CC3D

If your one of the lucky one’s to own an Open Pilot CC3D but your having a little trouble calibrating your ESC’s then don’t worry as I’ve found a bit of info for you.  I myself have picked up one of these boards as well recently and I have been going through the motions of setting up my own board.  The thing I highly recommend is going through the tutorials on the Open Pilot website thoroughly and signing up for the Open Pilot forums.   The only difference between setting up this board is whether your using a windows computer or a mac computer and what the heck the control is on the mac for the “home” key.   I will keep this post very brief for you here and just to let you know that if your looking for the steps to calibrate your ESC’s you can find it at this LINK HERE.   The confusing part of ESC setup process is that your going to hear two things,  either remove the red wire for your ESCs which is suggested on the Open Pilot website,  or like a friend of mine mentioned ” he hadn’t removed any red wires and his board works fine.   I personally followed the instructions and have removed the red wire on 3 of my ESCs out of 4 for my quad copter.  If your looking for a video on ” How to remove the red wire” for your ESCs then you can find that video HERE.    If you really want to see a straight forward and quick video on how to calibrate the ESCs using the GCS then you can watch this excellent video below from wrcfan21 on You Tube and maybe give him a thumbs up and hit subscribe.

The final thing I just wanted to mention for you mac users like my self is about that “HOME KEY” ,  if you have a look on your keyboard for a button that looks like  ( fn ) for function and the backwards arrow ( < )  ,  then those two buttons combined when pressed simultaneously are your “HOME KEY”  during the ESC calibration on the GCS.  I hope this post was helpful and not too confusing for you and that you have luck setting up your board.   Thanks for taking the time to read the post and if your interested , then I welcome you to stop by RCHelimenace on Facebook and maybe even hit the the “Like” button.