Payload Capacities

I tried to get the link to work for this information I found on RunRyder but it just wouldn’t happen.  Therefore I will just write it….

It is mentioned that blade size is the determining factor for how much a heli can lift,  not so much the model …. ( of course keep in mind the blade is rated for the size of the heli ).  The amount you can lift also varies by the weight of your helicopter without the camera mount and the gear.  Blade length is measured in millimeters from the end of the blade to the bolt hole.

These are MAX weights or near max weights that the helicopter will carry.

MAX SAFE lifting capabilities …..  (g, oz, lb )

315 mm blade ……… T rex 450 – 450 g,  15.87 oz,  1 lb.  Keep the total flying weight under 2.2 lbs.

500 mm blade ……… Logo 10 – 1360 g , 48 oz, 3 lbs.  Keep total flying weight under 9 lbs.

550 mm blade ……… 30 size , Century Swift,  Logo 14 – 1587g,  56 oz,  3.5 lbs.  Keep total flying weight under 10 lbs.

600 mm blade …….. T rex 600,  50 size helicoptor,  Logo 20/24 – 1815g,  64oz, 4 lbs. Keep total flying weight under 11 lbs.

720 mm blade …….. Gasser ,  Joker – 6800g , 240 oz, 15 lbs.

800 mm blade …….. Gasser ,  Maxi Joker – 9071g, 320 oz,  20 lbs.

810 mm blade …….. Gasser – 11300g ,  400 oz,  25 lbs.

Blade type plays a role for example ……

  • Symmetric blades offer the least lift
  • Semi symmetric will offer more
  • Flat bottom blades offer the most lift

Flat bottom fly poorly if there is any wind and semi symmetrical fly worse than  fully symmetrical blades.

This info was taken from Kookboy’s post in the RunRyder forum and I found this information very valuable.  Just wanted to say thanks for the info and wanted to share it here.

Here is a video I wanted to share ….. Enjoy.


Now,  Not many would recommend trying it but it is entertaining.


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