Camera Mounts ….. Front mounts and under mounts.

There are many ways of getting your camera in the air other than the old rubber band method.   There is nothing wrong with it if that’s how your doing it but for me,   and my personality,  I need something cool and fun.   I enjoy the look of a camera mount suspended from beneath a helicopter myself as it gives the machine a much larger look,  as if to say,   it means BUSINESS.  There is a vast assortment of camera mounts available from many vendors,  it’s just a matter of what work for you and what it is you like.

Things to keep in mind are …..

  1. What is your budget ?  meaning what is it you can afford ?
  2. What are you willing to lose ? Not all helicopters go down all the time but it is something to consider.  Should a wind come and knock your heli around or if the battery dies,   what can you accept as a loss and could you quickly recover your setup quickly enough afterwards.
  3. Do you have idea’s of the kinds of projects you would use it for ? Keep in mind that many have become skilled enough in the hobby to make it a business,  for example,  real estate photographs ,   video of someone’s property,  or maybe it’s just a cool unaccessible place you just can’t get to by foot so you take to the air and shoot video or pictures.
  4. What type of mount are you looking for?  Are there pro’s and con’s about the mount?  Is it a front mount? (mount that hangs on the front of the helicopter) , or is it an under mount? ( a mount that is mounted under the helicopter ) .
  5. If you do purchase the one your looking for, can your helicopter carry it with ease? Remember the page I have titled ” Payload Capacities “?  You might want to review it before you make a purchase and make sure it will work for you.  One other thing to consider is that if it is too heavy,  the helicopter may not recover if it drops from the air too quickly.

Here are some examples of camera mounts …..






As you can see,  these machines are either factory made or home made custom types.


Keep your thumbs on the sticks and keep flying !!


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