Spaces and Places

It can not be stressed enough about the potential dangers of a radio controlled helicopter used improperly.  If you have a manual with your helicopter,  it would be in your best interest if you reviewed the Do’s and Don’ts section in the manual.  Keeping this in mind ,  you will have many enjoyable moments when you take your model out to fly.  Many people think of all radio controlled helicopters as toys.  However without the formal introduction to a large scale helicopter it is easy to see why they would think of them that way.  People have been seriously injured or (worse) due to a mishap or coming into contact with one in motion without intent.

Before flying,  it is important to check all moving parts and links,  and also to do a range check and see that your servos are working correctly.  If something doesn’t seem right ,  abort the flight until the problem is corrected.  It takes only a moment to put you in the hospital for a few weeks ,  or it could take only 5 or 10 minutes to avoid it.  You make the decision,  whether right or wrong you have to live with it.

When heading out to fly,  be observant of the area you are spooling up.  Are there children around? Animals ?  Power lines?  Or maybe its just certain obstacles to watch out for.   Never fly around people and always make sure your at least 20 feet away especially with a 50 sized electric or gas powered model.   Have a checklist regarding the mechanical parts on your model,  as well as check your batteries.  Have some organized systems in place as to what you might need to do if something were to happen.  Bring a buddy,  they might enjoy the experience of watching you fly as well.

Here are some videos of place’s to fly that I would not recommend.





Now it may sound funny to hear of something like this happening.  But,  learn a lesson from these people.  It could  happen to anyone,  even the most seasoned flyer so take precautions and have fun.


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