How to build your own Windsurfer Antenna

If you already are into FPV and wireless video then I am sure you have probably heard of the Windsurfer Antenna.   If you are new and just getting into FPV and wireless video then you might want to read up on this topic a little bit more.   Before  I send you to my page that gives you a straight forward step by step instructions on how to build this antenna I do want to caution you  that if you are looking into a wireless system with more than 100 mw then you really should consider a HAM radio license especially if you have a system at around 500 mw or even a watt of power as you could seriously mess up other people.   This kind of practice is serious enough that you could have authorities on your doorstep that you would not want to confront.   Now,   back to our topic.  The Windsurfer Antenna is really quite easy to build and definitely takes less than an hour of your time and less than a dollar to build unless your missing these components in your house and actually have to head out to the store to get them,  then it’ll cost you a little more.  Lucky for me,  I already had all the stuff so I built 2 antennas.   In regards to FPV,  this antenna has been reported to DOUBLE the range of the wireless camera system.   If you want to have a little bit of proof that this would work for you, then here is a quick video that will give you  a bit of information.

I must give credit to Free Antennas for the information on this really effective antenna design. Thank you.

If you would like to print off the Windsurfer Template,  here is the best one I found as it will give you TWO separate pages with the larger size template pattern.

If you want to build your own Windsurfer Antenna then you can have a look at my  “HOW TO”  page here .

I hope this helps,   happy flying !


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