New !! Leviathan Mega quadcopter !!

So it has been quite some time since I had anything exciting to post on my blog as you all have noticed and most times its because I have been working away in the workshop planning and designing some ( not always useful ) stuff.   My latest fun build I had done as of the past summer,  was a large folding quad copter that I found to be a lot of fun when taking those small road trips and doing some camping.  My intent for this particular build was to have something affordable ,  somewhat compact,  yet large and stable enough to handle some of those annoying windy conditions.  SO ,  I came up with a frame I call “Leviathan”.  Now I won’t give much of any of the design away as it is still a work in process and I am fortunate enough to have a couple good friends help me get it to a stage of where I would like it to be.  It will run 6 S batteries and is designed to accommodate the “Power Hungry ” distribution board from ” UAV Rotorking ”  with easy wiring access.  The obvious plans are to incorporate FPV as well as a front mount camera gimbal,  while attempting to offer a long flight time of hopefully in the area of 30-40 minutes.  I am pretty happy with this build thus far and I hope to release photos of the prototype with in the next couple of months so stay tuned ! And don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for any future updates on this beast !    Here is a short video of this quad in flight from the summer so I hope you enjoy it ,   and please excuse the noise from the battery alarm as it was not really necessary to have it on board for such a short flight .


Enjoy !