M.A.R.S. Parachutes for Multi Rotors !

With the multi rotor sector of the hobby moving at an exponential rate we are seeing more and more Aerial / Video Platforms with very high end components becoming more capable of any thing we’ve seen in the past couple years.  With such components on a professional multi rotor you can bet that the cost of these machines can be quite high.  A professional carbon fiber frame for example like a  hex or octo can fetch as high as  $4,000 and  $10,000  or better for a RTF model.  As for camera’s in the professional sphere your looking at around $1,000 in the low end,  and if your even considering using something like a RED EPIC camera unit,  the base price is around $10,000 and as much as $58,000 for something like the EPIC-M  RED Dragon Pro collection.  Now having all this professional gear seems like a fantastic idea for those who can afford to shoot with this kind of stuff but what happens when you decide you want to take a $1,000 camera or a $10,000 camera in the air?

Some things have already been considered  by most multi rotor pilots such as using an octo frame or using an X-8. Others would choose putting batteries in parallel etc. but what happens when all systems fail?  An octo or an X-8 are great but are only good should you loose one or two motors and I’m not saying that any multi rotor has a tendency to fail all that often but the fact of the matter is ” What could you do to protect your investment ? “.   Now you may or may not know it but there is finally a solution for such a thing and you wouldn’t have to be too worried about your whole rig pile driving itself into the ground .   As well for the BIG boys with the much heavier rigs up to 25 lbs ,  there is even a M.A.R.S. parachute recovery system for you too !  The M.A.R.S. parachute recovery systems come in three sizes ,  “the mini” for a “four pound” craft,  “the 58” for crafts up to 10 pounds and the very impressive “M.A.R.S. 120”  which can accommodate up to 25 pounds.  The 120 simply means the parachute is 120 inches across or 10 feet .  Fortunately for airplane guys  they have the option of cutting the engine and gliding,  or the helicopter guys who have the option of auto rotating their machine to the ground,  NOT the case for multi rotors.   If your looking to invest in one of these units for your Aerial Video / Photography company or are a multi rotor hobbyist with a craft with a hefty price tag then you would be able to find M.A.R.S. Parachutes  here at these sites UAV Rotorking or at M.A.R.S. Parachutes.

Here is just a Demo video showing these parachutes in action.

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