Power Hungry power distribution board for multi rotors

Getting into the hobby of multi rotors can be a fun and challenging endeavor.   Ever since I picked up my quad copter from Randy at RC Dude hobbies I have become increasingly interested building and designing my own hex copter capable of lifting a heavier camera like a DSLR.  I currently have an older Go Pro,  a Canon Vixia , as well as a NIKON D7000.  The quad does a nice job carrying the Go Pro camera without any problem at all however it doesn’t have enough physical space or enough power to carry anything bigger.   I am in the process of building a really large hex copter of my own ( not as if it hasn’t been done before ) but I really wasn’t fond of  frames only being capable of carrying 2kg’s .  Since I am a do -it- yourself kind of person , I chose to build a frame with the majority of the parts available at the local hardware store should I ever have a crash.   Since the hex I am building would require the  use of a 6s 5000 mah battery or better I was on the search for a power distribution board that would be able to handle enough current without stressing out the board and having a possible meltdown.   Now many boards or harnesses are quite capable of doing that however I tend to look ahead for more than what I would really need which alot of times really isn’t necessary but that’s how I roll.

Recently I obtained a Power Hungry power distribution board from UAV Rotorking and thought it would be an ideal fit for my heavy lift hex.  From what I have been told about multi rotors is that if you have say 4 lbs of total weight, then you would require around 8lbs of total thrust from your motors to compensate for the 4lbs and make it easier for your quad to hover without severely struggling to maintain that hover.   I figure my setup may be around the 10lb mark however ,  carrying possibly 2 6s 5000 mah batteries which would require more power to maintain decent lift.  This Power Hungry power board is capable of handing up to 400 amps safely without any stress which is a good thing as well for the entire system.  This board would  enable me to be able to lift a 30lb payload if I so chose to.

Here are a few more features of this board :

Its supports single and dual battery setups

Its made from extremely conductive solid copper plates

Corrosion free material

Each plate is Nickel plated then Gold plated for long protection and super high amp capabilities

Comes with 16 male 3.5mm bullet connectors for ESCs

(4) 12 inch wires already connected to the board   (2 positive ) , (2 negative)

The wire can be customized upon request   (you can have it longer than 12 inches)

After receiving the package in the mail this week and doing an “unboxing video”   I can honestly say you are going to be very pleased with how well this product was thought out and designed for simplicity.  The things you will need to do is solder the type of battery connectors you intend to use and as well as solder the male bullet connectors onto your ESCs  (which is a given) .  Another thing you will need is non- conductive standoffs to put the boards together.   The female bullets are already professionally pre-soldered to the board for you and the total setup will support 8 motors. The top plate is the ” + ” (positive) with 2 -12 inch wires already soldered on,  and the bottom plate is the ” – ”  (negative) with 2 -12 inch wires soldered on as well.  After having a really good look at this board I can already see the benefits such as a clean professional look,  plugging in or removing your ESCs at home or at the field is a breeze (not that type of thing where you solder the ESCs to the board ) ,  high current capacity,  rated for aerial photography and video multi – rotors,  and best of all,  wait to you see the video from UAV Rotorking on how fast and easy the installation is.  Below are just 2 of the videos I would like to show you,  one is the installation video from UAV Rotorking and then my own “Unboxing Video” .  I hope this helps you in your search for a really good and reliable power distribution board for your multi – rotor, again thanks for taking the time to read this post and don’t forget to “ Like RC Helimenace on Facebook” .

Installation Video

My “Un-Boxing” Video



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