DJI Phantom – RTF Quad !

Earlier this month a new product had been announced from DJI called the Phantom.   What it is is a ready to fly quad copter right out of the box.   There are already quite a few of us who already own a multi rotor and know how challenging it can be to choose appropriate components such as the right motors and ESCs just to get it into the air !   For some of you though who are just starting out in this interesting part of the flying hobby you may have trouble deciding what to get and how to use it.  I think a lot of us had seen the possibility of a RTF multi rotor coming down the pipe for some time it was just a matter of when.   Lucky for the newbies ,  DJI has released a quad that pretty much has almost all the bells and whistles you could ever want or need and the coolest part  ( in my opinion ) is that it actually has a camera mount that you can attach your GoPro camera to.   One of the many great things about this quad ( for newbies ) is that DJI has included a separate forum  where you can find some help in how to use or set it up for flight.   The quad comes with all the components built in including a NAZA-M flight controller board WITH GPS !

The radio is actually a 2.4 Ghz transmitter which is really great especially if you plan to fly at the field with others in the air and has a range of about 300 meters,  and only requires 4 AA  batteries.  A 3s battery powers the quad and it is claimed that you can fly approximately 10-15 minutes which is pretty decent especially for those of us who already have a few 3s batteries ,  I would be looking at nearly a half day of flying.   It will fly horizontally at 10 m/s and 6 m/s vertically  and undoubtedly those numbers would change depending on the camera payload ( they may be less).  I have to admit they put a lot of thought into the quads design as it also has built in LED lights in the underside of the arms which does help greatly in being able to see the orientation of the machine in the air especially when looking up  at the underside of it.  If you are looking to get your hands one of these very cool machines I hear the lead time may be about 2 weeks from now.   However,  when the quad does become available I suggest you meet some very cool people and head on over to Swift RC and check out the product.  It retails for around  459 pounds in the UK and around $678 dollars  ( canadian ) but for the  quality components you get with this quad I would have to say it is well worth it.  Here  is a quick promo video of the quad in action for you to check out .



One thought on “DJI Phantom – RTF Quad !

  1. Great writeup! The 300 meters is sort of a manufacturer threshold which is rather conservative. Not that I would recommend it without proper upgrades, but others have flown much further with the stock controller. Also, the stock 2200 mAh battery might give 10 min under ideal conditions but 15 min is likely pushing it unless you are flying without any payload such as a GoPro. Stay on top of all things Phantom at the DJI Phantom Forum


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