Quad copters that can SWIM !

Now we all knew that there would eventually be a time when you would actually be able to land a quad copter in water but who would have thought it would happen so soon ?  Many of us are not strangers to multi rotors but the idea of being able to land your multi rotor in water and without consequences is extremely appealing.  I just so happened to come across this site called AquaCopters.com .  What they offer are quad copter frames that appear to be vacuum formed.  I’ll show you a couple of videos here soon that show these phenomenal machines in action.  They seem to be able to take a bit of abuse and keep on going !

Many of us at one time or another have experimented with their radio controlled craft by landing on water just to see if we could do it without having a tragedy.  The thing I like about this idea is that should you feel like going outside for a quick flight and it is raining,  there is no doubt you would be able to get away with it.  The other thing I like is that now with the Go Pro camera being a common sight on most aircraft,  the idea of mounting your camera underneath and landing it in a pond or lake is now a possibility.  Now you could have a crash in a pond and walk away with your camera and everything in tact.    I can see this item being a part of my future projects however that maybe be a little further down the road.  Another great thing I like about these is that the price is just right,  they offer the frame only for $119,   or you can purchase the frame as an ARF unit costing you around $350.  If you check out the one video there is mention about the clear frame and a brief suggestion of mounting your LED lights inside the frame and still being able to see the orientation of the craft in flight,  how cool is that ?

Check out these vids ,  keep in mind I have no affiliation with the company or product nor do I profit from it.  Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.


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