Halloween Quad Copters

Hi everyone, I just came across another video from Innov8tive Designs that I am sure your going to enjoy.   We have all seen the many uses for multi rotors this far but this video is fun and creative and I am sure you might want to show it to your children.   This is an idea from Lucien in regards  to  what else you can do with your Next Level quad or hex copter.   Keep in mind you have to factor in the issues involving the weight capacity of your multi rotor,  battery power,  as well as keeping loose materials away from the rotors as they could have a fatal effect such as a crash etc.  I think the idea is brilliant and I wish I had thought of it for a Halloween project myself.  I think the LED lighting they use to illuminate parts of the figure is really quite clever and I am sure you will enjoy it as well.   I take no credit for  having anything to do with this video nor do I have any underlying agenda in promoting Next Level machines but I really thought you would all enjoy this one.  Have a Safe and Happy Halloween with your kids and spouses!

Enjoy !


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