Follow Me transmitter and Multi rotors

A few months ago I had heard about a technological application that had been applied to multi rotors that I had found really intriguing.  This setup includes the use of a Follow Me transmitter in which the purpose is to setup a system of waypoints that causes the craft to follow the moving target of your choice.  Of course you do need to download the program from this site to get started It is a pretty complicated process yet with the proper system it actually seems pretty straight forward.  How cool would it be to have your multi rotor,  quad copter , hexa copter,  or even the conventional model rc helicopter follow you and take video and photographs in the process.  If you find this hard to believe then I have a video I found that just might make you a believer.  Of course the video is not mine and I had no involvement in its production but I am sure you will really appreciate it.  Here is that video.

The system is also known to have used an iphone that would be tracked by the Follow Me transmitter.   You can actually program your quad copter or hex copter to follow you and your iphone via GPS tracking.  For further information and way more in depth information about this type of product and system you can find it all here.


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