MONSTER sized quad copter from Next Level Multi rotors

In my earlier posts I had talked about Next Level Multi rotors and how they just came out with a 500 and a 650 sized quad copter with the capability of interchanging the parts to create a multi rotor of your chosen size or for whatever your needs are.   Well,  in the next couple of months you are going to be seeing much LARGER machines from RC Dude and Innov8tive Designs.   These machines are going to have amazing payload capabilities as well.  They have been doing a lot of testing in regards to what size motors are compatible with different types of  ESCs at certain amperages as well as battery requirements and I have to say that things are really coming together for them.  I like the way they have done all the trial and error for you and making sure things are compatible so that you don’t end up seeing the grey smoke.   The sizes you will soon see are in the 800 mm and 1000 mm class which is the distance from one motor to the opposite motor on a quad copter.   I had inquired about what the payload capability would be just for the 800 model alone,  and get this,  you can actually load   8  6s 5000 mah batteries on the plate.   I totaled up what 8 batteries on the quad would look like and here is what I calculated,  one Zippy 6s 5000 mah battery from Hobbyking weighed in at 769 grams / 1.695 pounds each.  If you were to install 8 batteries the total battery weight alone is 13.52 pounds !  I have to see if I can find out for you what the flight time looks like but if you factor in approximately 20 pounds of quad copter with the included 8 6s 5000 batteries then ideally the quad may be looking at around 40 or so minutes of flight time !   The payload plate is about the size of a dinner plate.  I find this incredibly amazing to think about.  Just imagine being able to load up a few flight packs,  a camera gimbal and a DSLR camera without having to to worry about whether you quad copter has the ability to lift the payload.  These quad copters look exactly like the 500 model that I have only a lot bigger.   If you want to see an 800 Next Level multi rotor in action then here is a video showing you its ability to fly with a NAZA controller board.


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