Clear View Simulator App. for your IPhone Review

It was just a while back that I had made a post regarding the RC Heli 2 App. for your IPhone and had let you know about all the features.  Well,  recently I had come across another RC helicopter simulator App.  on the IPhone.  It’s called the Clear View Simulator and it only has 3 helicopters available to choose from –  a Blade CX ( Coaxial ),  a Twister Coast Guard ( coaxial ) ,  and believe it or not a Trex 450 model to fly.  Each type of helicopter offers a beginner , intermediate, and advanced level of flyer.  The App. also includes 3 types of fields in which to fly at as well as 3 types of practice activities such as Training Pads,  Landing Challenges,  and my favorite Knock Them Off –  it’s where bottles and boxes are stacked on a table and you get to bump the objects off.  There are also 4 controller types to choose from  Mode 1 ,  Mode 2,  Mode 3 and Mode 4.  The cool thing with the Trex 450 model is that you can do 3D flight with it if you are quick enough to follow the movements of the tiny helicopter on the tiny screen.  Of course it is not the same as the joysticks you use on your radio transmitter but the touch screen type joysticks mimic the movements pretty close that you really won’t notice too much.  For $4.99 ,  this is another great little simulator you can carry around in your pocket and the background scenery looks like just being at the field it is that good.   The only downside to this App. is that you would need pretty good eyesight to see what is going on.  I have to say though that I am looking forward to installing this one on the IPad.  ClearView flight simulator is also offered in the full version for your PC and offers something like 140 models to choose from in which to fly from Helicopters to Planes.   Here is the Full Version demo video for your PC,  the backgrounds you see in the video are really that good and you will see them just as well on the IPhone.  Enjoy.


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