RC Flight Source App. for you IPhone.

This weekend I was doing a bit of heli maintenance in the garage and getting things sorted for the spring/summer season for some outdoor RC Helicopter flying.  I had a look on ITunes to see if there was anything of interest in regards to RC flight.  Sure enough I had come across an App. you are sure to have a bit of interest in.  The name of the App. is called RC Flight Source and  it has been out for a while now,   it is developed by 2 Brothers Hobby, LLC. .  With it is a ton of helpful tools such as News, Reviews, Tools, Workshops,   a Field Locator ,  as well as a Parts Locator.  The News section has multiple interesting stories regarding RC flight and RC Products.  The Reviews section covers items such as the Great Planes Micro EDF F-86 Sabre and the Ares RC MD 500D CX 100 Heli.  The most helpful resources in the App. that I have found are the Tools section and the Workshops section.  In the Tools section such topics include Battery Calculators ,  Power Plant Calculators,  Motor Sizing, ESC Sizing  and Formulas  as well as converting Motor Kv to RPM just to name a few.  In the workshops you will be happy to know that such things taught are programming for the Aurora 9  Radio,  and how to’s like propellor and spinner balancing.   The  one and only thing that is not helpful for the Canadian side of the border is the Flying Field Locator which has over 2,400 AMA Chartered Clubs for our friends South of us in the U.S..   The very cool thing about the RC Flight Source App. is the fact that if you go into the Parts Locator section you can choose whether you are looking for parts for a Fixed Wing aircraft or a Rotary Wing aircraft and not only that,  ORDER the part you need while at the field right on the spot !   Of course however,  the parts would be delivered to your home and NOT instantaneously at the field as we would all like.  I am sure that with this new app. for your IPhone you will be very pleased with it not to mention the fact that your IPhone may now find itself in your toolbox !  Hope this helps.  Please don’t forget to leave a Comment and Rate any of the topics you read on this blog,   all positive comments are greatly appreciated and are conducive to others looking to learn this hobby.  Thank you.


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