Affordable aluminum case for your radio transmitters.

Having been to the local hobby store every now and then I would have a look around to see what is offered in the store for a radio transmitter case.  This is something I have been putting off for quite a while now as the prices of these cases seem to be pretty pricey in my mind.  The thought of spending 89 bucks for a case that holds one radio or 130 bucks for one that holds two is just not my thing.  This weekend however after running some errands I ended up at a local well known hardware store here in Canada that is ever popular for many things we Canadians need or think we need.  While I was looking around Canadian Tire ,  I had gone down the isle where all the tool boxes were just to have a look.   I came across one of the tool boxes that in my mind looked an awful lot like a potential transmitter case for my radio transmitters .   It was an aluminum case with a foam insert that you could shape to fit whatever you wanted to protect within the case,  it also included some dividers as well as a shoulder strap and a couple keys to lock it up.  This case obviously had potential and without any hesitation I purchased it and brought it home.  Oh ,  did I forget to mention what the whopping price of this case cost me?  For about 30 bucks I had something really practical and within my budget.

Here a a few photos of my nifty little purchase.

The radios were placed on the foam pad insert just to see if I could fit them both in the box.

The perforated foam pieces were removed to fit both radios.

I did have to trim the outer edge just a little bit so the radios would fit exactly.

Hell Ya !  A perfect fit !

The radios now have a new dust free home and are well protected now when traveling around to other flying sites.

Notice that the bottoms of the radios are towards the hinge of the case so that they will be carried around right side up and not sitting on their antennas.

If you are looking around for something like this to carry around your radio transmitters as well and are tired of paying crazy prices just for the brand name then you might want to visit this link for Canadian tire.  By the way,  after I had showed this cool case to my wife,  we ended up getting a second one just for our camera gear.  If things go well,  I may be looking at a third one just for the FPV gear as well.  This is definitely money well spent and I hope this helps you a lot.


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