Next Level 500 quad copter quick video.

Hey everyone,  I know it’s been a while since I had last posted anything on the blog but last night I had a chance to finally make a video using the quad copter from RC Dude hobbies.   With weather that is less to be desired for any kind of flying,   I am glad to be able to share this with you.  On the quad I have a Go Pro video camera mounted and it does show some nice video however a bit more tweaking is involved in the settings as well as the possibility of installed a camera gimbal to take care of any of the rocking motion you see in the video.  I took the sound off as the motor sounds have quite the authority beating the props around.  In the video you will see a tipi that I had hand carved and built myself in our front yard.  I apologize in advance for the rocky video but guarantee  better ones are soon  to come.  Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Next Level 500 quad copter quick video.

  1. Nice vid..i am hoping to start building my nextlevel 500mm frame very soon..just waiting on some more parts so i can get started!!


  2. Thanks Steve ! This line of multi rotors are really fantastic in my opinion. Randy and Lucien have really done their homework in regards to the type of motors, ESCs, props and controller boards that work well in unison together. The power required is a 2:1 ratio and I have to say I am very happy with the results. The research is already done for you, it’s just a matter of purchasing the required power package and you simply won’t have any headaches or guess work. The quad looks great when fully assembled. However, keep in mind that the props create a lot of dust and you will need a way of protecting the electronics, not so much the ESCs but the receiver and controller board. I can give you ideas if you have any questions.


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