Next Level 500 Quad Copter with Turnigy LED lights and Gemfan props

Things have been going a bit hectic for me lately which is why I haven’t been putting up many posts in a while,  however I have managed to find some time to make some upgrades to the Next Level Quad Copter.  With the weather being quite poor and pretty windy lately,   I have managed to get a bit of me time in the garage and add some upgrades to my multi rotor.  One of the things in which I had done was add some packing foam around the FY-90Q controller for two reasons.  For one,  I wanted to protect the controller board a little better should there be a minor crash.  Secondly,  I have noticed that when you make any attempts to fly over a dusty surface,  as cool as it looks,  I noticed I was getting a bit of dust near the control board and I did not want that to affect anything.  There is an idea I had in regards to putting the foam around the board,  it tends to cover the flashing light on the side of the Fy-90Q.  In order to be able to see this light on the control board,  I intend to install a little plastic window in the side of the foam which should allow me to see what is going on.

Here is a photo of the packing foam around the FY-90Q.

Another thing I had added to the quad was a set of Gem fan props.  I had installed the green on the front of the quad and black in the back to help with visual orientation when in the air.  I just want to thank Randy from RC Dude for his help with this.  The thing I really appreciated about these props was how simple they were to install as they had the appropriate sized spacer for the shaft of the bolt on prop adapter.

Here is a photo of the Gemfan props installed.

Finally,  the last thing I did to upgrade this awesome quad was install a couple of strips of Turnigy LEDs.  I did have to cut them to length and solder them together with a black and a red wire at each link.   I just kept the lengths going all the way around the perimeter of the quad and solder the plugs for the battery at the ends on each side.   I wanted the option of being able to either use the battery that powers the motors and the whole quad copter,  as well as a separate hook up where I could use a separate battery instead if I wanted to.   As you can see,  I had alternated the white and the blue lights.  Here are a couple pictures of the quad with the lights just a blazing !

Last but not least,  here is a video showing the quad and the hook ups.  You will see a double harness that enables me to install two battery packs.   Enjoy.


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