Blade MQX quad copter …

If you have been uncertain whether quad copters are for you because the price seems a bit high then I have a potential solution for you.  Blade helicopters has come out with a new model that I am sure you have probably heard of by now but if not ,   then you just might be interested.   The model I am referring to is the Blade MQX and it is a very agile and  lightweight quad.   It comes with the AS3X 3 axis stabilization unit,  a 4 in 1 DSm2 receiver/ESCs/mixer/AS3X sensor unit,  as well as an Eflite 1 s 3.7 volt 500 mah LI-Po battery.  You can purchase the quad as a RTF or a BNF.  The RTF model comes with a MLP4DSM 4-channel DSM2 transmitter with batteries,  and also comes with an Eflite Celectra 1 cell DC variable rate LI-PO charger.  This quad can be flown in ‘x’ or ‘+’ configurations.  It is a great little starter unit for anyone interested in quad copters.   If you want to see a quick video of this HOT little quad in action then here it is :



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