Rc Heli 2 Itunes App. …

If you find yourself pretty busy these days,  and are finding it hard to practice on the SIM at home then I have an almost good enough solution for you.   I had recently come across an app. on ITunes that is almost good enough to the real SIM to get you through those brief (personal)  moments in time to get in a little practice time.  Now you won’t be able to do 3D flight or any fancy maneuvers but it is enough to help you with some eye/ hand coordination.  Rc heli 2 offers a handful of different helicopters to try and even a couple quad copters too.  They are 3 and 4 channel machines but they do have enough detail to entertain.  The app. is free ,  however should you want to upgrade to another helicopter or quad then you can do so for .99 cents .  The app. even offers a couple extra backgrounds to fly,  and even some combat,  however there is a fee for those too.  There is a slight delay in the graphics as well but it is a lot better than their previous Rc heli and Rc Plane apps.,  it is quite fun actually.  I have found this app. to be fun as it has blowing fans that will move your heli around the room if you don’t stay away from them , as well as flying upstairs to the other rooms,  to flying your helicopter into the basket ball net in the gymnasium.  If you would like to find more information about this app. then you can go to Rc Heli 2 .   Here is a quick video just to show you Rc Heli 2 in action .

Enjoy !


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