My Next Level Multi Rotor 500 sized Quad Copter …

Yes,  I know I have rambling on and on about these Next Level Multi Rotors from RC Dude and Innov8tive Designs but they truly are something I can honestly say I highly recommend seeing that I have built one from scratch.  I have tons of pictures of this quad copter of my own and I can guarantee you that you wouldn’t be disappointed.  The parts are well machined and precise,  and the quad has a decent sense of quality and design that is capable of handling some abuse.  I have a couple videos here that I want to show you, one is my own which has close ups of the quad so you can get a better sense of its presence.  The other video I have to show you is one of the quad copter arms getting run over by a jeep and not becoming damaged afterwards.   The last one I would like to show you is of Lucien demonstrating how well the DJI Naza control board handles his Next level Multi Rotor 650.  In the last podcast Lucien had said that the DJI Naza is the type of controller that if you put your radio down, you can walk away and make a sandwich and the quad would still stay put !  Talk about stability !  Looks like I may be looking into one.

Here are the Vids ! Enjoy !


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