Hobby-Wing Programming Card for Hobby-Wing ESC’s …

Currently,   I am in the process of building a quad copter that was designed and manufactured by Innov8tive Designs and RC Dude hobbies.  The quad copter is from the product line called Next Level Multi Rotors.  I have three videos to show you that describe what to do with your ESC’s and how to program them with the card as well as how to easily remove the red wire from the ESC.  I have chosen to remove the wire and tape it back,  but NOT cut it just so that if something were to happen that I needed to program the ESC I would still be able to do it without having to order a new one or throwing it out.  Check out my video’s ,  I hope they help !

How to connect the components and what settings I used for my ESC’s.

How to remove the red wire easily.

The reason WHY you need to program your ESC’s before you remove the red wire.

Enjoy,  I hope this is helpful.


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