Li Po Battery Care and Storage …

When it comes to Li Po ( Lithium  Polymer ) batteries,  great care and respect should be taken when handling these packs.  Don’t ever under estimate how much power is stored in such batteries.  If you listen to the All Things That Fly Podcast ( Batteries topic ),  Lucien talks briefly about someone he knows who had been working on a battery,  and the wires ended up touching causing a short.  Long story short,  that incident had caused the mans wedding ring on his finger to melt into a liquid and run down his arm.  So as you can see,  even though RC helicopters are considered to be toys,  there are factors involved which may cause serious harm.  Here are some things to remember when caring for and storing your lipos :

( Quoted from RC Dude ):

  1. The correct storage for lipos is not fully charged and not fully discharged but in the middle at 50 – 60 % charged.
  2. It is not good for a pack at all to sit around for any length of time either fully charged or discharged.
  3. Some chargers have a “store” function.  Using store mode will automatically either charge or discharge your pack to optimum storage levels.
  4. When you come home from the field you can just put them on storage – and then fully charge them before you go to the field.
  5. The only lipos you can keep fully charged are those you fly everyday.

Hope this helps.

Here is a quick video showing how serious these fires can be,  the video isn’t mine but I thought I would share it.


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