Next Level Multi Rotor …. A few Pictures …

Hi everyone,  soon my new quad copter from RC Dude will be hitting the doorstep and I am just too excited to not keep talking about it.    I just thought I’d share a few more details on this pretty cool machine that I hadn’t mentioned in the previous posts.  These quad copters are pretty solid and can handle ( some ) abuse within reason of course and are built to last.  If you purchase the quad 500 size for example,  you could easily change it to a hexa copter if you wanted just buy purchasing 2 extra arms ,  2 extra motors and 2 extra ESC’s and install them.  Just think,  you could have a quad or a hex without throwing out the whole machine,   just change the parts.  Also ,  if you decided you wanted to upgrade your 500 to a 650 size,  you could,  just change the parts !  To me,  I think that is a phenomenal idea.  If you have a look on the site ( RC Dude ) you will see that the parts aren’t really expensive at all.   Further more,  if you are one of those people who like to carry a video or still camera on your aerial equipment,  there is an optional shock kit you can install that will absorb any impact if you bump the ground just a little too hard.  In my opinion,  this kind of set up for a multi – rotor just makes so much sense instead of throwing the whole unit away.   Here are a few detailed pictures of the 500 sized quad …

Cool Huh ?  Enjoy !


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