Copter Control Open pilot board…

If you have been checking out multi rotor helicopters online from You Tube or other video sources and have wondered how those machines remain stable in the air,  it’s because they are using computer control boards with 3 axis gyros.  There are many kinds on the market today such as the FY -90q ,  FY – 91q , and of course Copter Control but there are at least a dozen more.  Copter Control however is different in that it can be a little more customizable but you may need to be a little more tech savvy of course to do that.  Probably one of the best things about Copter Control is the value and the price for what you get in the package.  There is a program to download in order to operate Copter Control as well as updates whenever there are potential “bugs” in the program.  I had a brief email from Lucien Miller of Innovative Designs in regards to where you would find the correct information in order to use this board.  He had directed me to these two links ,  ,  and the forums that show what other people are using it for  –   So there is quite a bit of help out there if you are looking to get your own multi – rotor helicopter and intend to use the Open Pilot Control board.  Before you do get your Open Pilot it would probably be very beneficial to get familiar with the program before you make the purchase as it seems to have incredible stability if you get it setup right.   I had asked Lucien how long it took him to set it up and he had told me it took him about 15 minutes to get it going.  One thing I do have to fore warn you about when setting up these mutli – rotors is to make sure you take off the propellors before programming the board as I doubt you would enjoy watching your machine fly off the table accidentally and hitting the ceiling or you.  For the price of $89.95 ,   this Open Pilot board makes it possible for newbies to be able to afford to get into the multi – rotor scene.  If you are looking for this board you can find it at .

Here is a video showing you how stable this board can make your multi – rotor …


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