Multi rotors , quad rotors, and tri copters … how to build !

If your as fascinated as I am about quad copters and multi rotors, then your probably searching all over the internet trying to find out how to build your own.  I came across a site recently that will pretty much give you all the details on how to do it and where to get the parts you’ll need to do it.  I did not put my hands into the content creation but i just thought I would share it with you.  Keep in mind though that these multi rotors do use 3 axis gyros and some of the computer equipment needed to run them is either compatible and capable of running them or not.  I am sure you will enjoy  the content if your into the winter build mode.  If your not a build type of person,  don’t worry,  there are receiver ready quads for you too you just have to find them.  I’ll keep my eyes open. Here is the link to the multi rotor build site … .

Here is a cool video that shows you a guy who made his own,  you may or may not have already seen it but here it is …

This is his other video …


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