All Things That Fly Podcast …

Hi everyone,  it’s been awhile since I had written a post this month but here is one that is sure to delight you.  Recently I had come across a podcast that you may or may not be aware of that has great content that is interesting to listen to.  If you are on the road alot like I am,   audiobooks and music sometimes cause you to lose interest after a while.  This podcast is geared towards those of us who are into the rc flying realm whether rc heli’s or rc plane’s.   Topics of this podcast include such things as battery chargers,  FPV flying,  radios etc.  So,  if you have an hour to kill while in the car,  and your ipod has enough storage on it,  then I encourage you check this podcast out on Itunes and download it to your device.  You can find this podcast at Who knows,   maybe by putting a recommendation on my blog to the podcast ,  they may send me something cool like a new, or used RTF A-10 warthog EDF jet to write about and put a Go Pro camera on,  after all aerial photography and video can happen with just about anything.  After listening to the FPV flying podcast ,  I have to say I may look into it myself in the future.  Thanks for a great show guys.


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