Spektrum Telemetry Modules for RC Helicopters …

When it comes to our hobby,  it is very important to be aware of the components of the helicopter and how it is that they react in unison when in flight.  One very useful way to gather this kind of information is by the use of a telemetry module.  What a telemetry module is ,  is a micro computer transmitter that relays the information back to your radio (if equipped to manage the data)  or to your Iphone.  It can detect the RPM’s of your rotors or even detect the temperature of your motor,  or BEC.  One very cool device coming onto the market now is the STi Telemetry module by Spektrum RC.  Yes of course,  there is an APP  for that.   The telemetry module actually plugs into your Iphone and provides you the information onto your Iphones screen. The STi however,  won’t be available until November 2011.  The unit retails for  $139.00  but may be sold for around $99.00 .   Should you want to see a video by Spektrum RC describing the setup of their telemetry modules ,  Here it is ….


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