Rchelimenace home made pontoons / floats creation …

As we all know it is really quite common in the radio controlled helicopter hobby / business ,   that every year new products come out which enhance our flying experience and make it the best ever each year.  Across the spectrum though,  even making your own product to fit your own personal needs sometimes comes into play.  Last year during the winter I really wanted to get my trex 600 outdoors and get it in the air.  I just had one problem,  the spaces in which I usually went were all covered in snow which made it really frustrating as I had no place to lift off and land.  So,  realizing I needed a solution to my problem I spent a saturday afternoon and came up with my own pontoon / floats idea.  The idea in my mind included items such as (4)- 2 litre pop bottles, a  3/4 inch dowel and a 1/2 inch dowel,  a hot glue gun with a package of glue sticks,  a cordless drill with some wood bits and the handyman’s secret weapon – duct tape !

I haven’t got a video though that explains how I put it all together,  but I do have some pictures of the rc helicopter pontoon / floats creation that I will post up on this blog.  As well,  I do have a video to show how well they had worked out for me.  In the video you will see me flying the helicopter as well as the difficult area in which I had to lift off and land from,  none of the ground had a decent flat surface.  You’ll have to excuse the video quality as it was done via an Iphone,  and to boot,  my friend Don who had shot the video hadn’t realized that by turning the phone sideways during the video also affected the recording which shows the frame being flipped when he turned the phone sideways.   One thing about this creation was that I wanted the pontoons / floats  to be rigid,  I didn’t want them flopping around.  Also,   in order to attach the pontoons/ floats to the skids all I used were electricians zip ties.

Here are the pictures of the pontoons I put together :

The pontoons/ floats before the duct tape covering.

The Sony DV camera attached to the pontoons / floats .

Here is the You Tube video.

Thanks for your valued time and reading the Rchelimenace blog.


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