Rchelimenace Group Launched with Linkedin !!

Hello everyone !! I just thought I would put a quick post in regards to a new group I created with Linkedin.   The purpose of the group is to build a mastermind of like minded individuals who are involved in aerial photography and video as a business.   I would like to see the group go viral with all sorts of intelligent discussions regarding the business of aerial photography /video and what is being used in the industry and what is current and up to date.  I think it would be another  useful medium for those looking for contacts in joint venture projects with other companies or sole proprietors .   Again ,  thanks for your time and efforts in keeping this hobby/business a passionate one.  As with all social media sites it will take a few minutes for you to create an account as well so that you may join the group.

Here is the link to Rchelimenace’s group on Linkedin.

P.S. – Don’t forget to stop by on the Rchelimenace Facebook Fanpage and leave a comment !!

P.P.S. – if you want to really move the conversation you can also head over to Rchelimenace on twitter !!


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