New !! Rchelimenace Facebook Fanpage created …

I just want to say a sincere hello to everyone who visits the Rchelimenace blogsite.  The reason for creating the Facebook  Fanpage is so that everyone who visits the page can interact with each other and share useful tips and ideas in regards to radio controlled helicopters using video and still cameras.  The Rchelimenace blog is not as interactive as I would hope,  but that is okay as I am sure the fanpage would be something more of us are accustomed to.  As of July 26 , 2011  ,  the Rchelimenace blogsite is currently upto 1746 hits which tells me that there are quite a few of you interested in this topic.  I encourage you to leave a comment on the blog as I look forward to positive feedback from you in regards to the topics you would like to hear about.   I would also encourage you to say a hello on the Rchelimenace  Facebook Fanpage and maybe tell abit about yourselves and your experiences in aerial photography whether your new to the hobby,  or you operate your own aerial photography business.  If you wish to “friend “me  on the Fanpage ,  i will most certainly “friend” you back.  Spamming the Fanpage and having negative attitudes will not be acknowledged,   positive comments only will be welcomed.  Thank you for your time and patience.

Here is the link to the Rchelimenace Facebook Fanpage :

P.S. –  If you would like me to give your business a plug on this blog (rc helicopter or aerial video / photography related )  ,  just give me the link and I will post it up.


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