Litehawk XL video review …

It’s been quite a while since I could remember when I actually had a coaxial helicopter in the house.   I had gone on a three week trip with my wife and children back to Ontario , (in Canada)  to visit family members.   One day ,  I had gone into this Northern Ontario town for some groceries for the cottage,  and had come across a store that had some coaxial helicopters in the window.  I had noticed they were carrying the Litehawk XL,  so of course,  I went in to have a look.  It just so happened that it was on sale for ten dollars less the retail price so I decided to buy it.  I have read all the reviews about this helicopter so I just had to have it.  Now I know it has nothing to do with aerial photography or video but I thought it would give the “newcomers” into the hobby something to look forward to on their journey into the realm of Rc Helicopters.  While putting this helicopter through it’s “paces”  I quickly realized that anyone new to the hobby would NOT be disappointed,  here’s why :

  1. The helicopter is very durable.
  2. It is very reliable.
  3. It is user friendly and very forgiving.
  4. It is stable without much or any input.
  6. The parts are very affordable.
  7. And last but not least,  Canadian made product.
Here is the link for it, just in case you were searching :

Here is my video review.


3 thoughts on “Litehawk XL video review …

    • Hey there Dave ! Thanks for the comment. I am really enjoying the Litehawk XL that I purchased this summer. I greatly appreciate the attention to detail , durability and engineering that went into the design. My future plans for this heli is to upgrade the gears and to purchase a couple more batteries. Thanks for your efforts.


  1. Excellent helicopter and it is fun that you can get it in 27 and 49 MHz. I am already thinking about the getting a Litehawk Aero. It would be nice to maybe see a 2.4GHz model and brushless motors but they would be more $$$. Very good quality price and parts are available. I already ordered extra blades, rotor and battery to have extra parts. Motor and gear combo is next with the lighter stabilizer set. I am also looking for some carbon fiber tubing to use as a tail boom and tail support rods. I give it a 9.5/10


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