DIY Trex 600 Heli cam front mount …

I had always been curious about how some people find the information about how to go about designing a front camera mount for a Trex 600.  Of course now days the most obvious choice is to research online.  Recently this week I had come across a thread on Helifreak where a member had given photos and a brief explanation of how he went about it and I have to admit,  he is quite clever.  He actually had gone about making it by using trex 500 tail booms and other readily available helicopter parts along with rc car shocks for vibration dampening.  The thread isn’t a new one at all but I thought it could be really useful to those of you looking into the idea of making your own.  I take no credit whatsoever for the information but I do give credit to the fellow who came up with this awesome idea.  Here is the link to the thread .

Here are a couple of his vids to check out.


2 thoughts on “DIY Trex 600 Heli cam front mount …

  1. Great blog! I got back into rc helis to do real-time video and maybe even some image processing for position stabilization. My next stop — your Payload Capacities page.



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