Production made T-copter …

Every where you look online,  someone has come up with a new product to make rc helicopter flying a little more interesting.   Many people have been able to build their own T-copter , tri-copter or quad-copter and have been really successful.  For those of us unable to find the time to build,  test ,  and tweak our own,  luckily these copters are available in either a kit or fully assembled.   One such copter I wanted to bring to your attention is a new product that has been out for a few months now.  It is the T-copter which is being made available ready to fly by Airfoil helicams.  The price range for these units is between $1300 and $4000.  The main reason I am posting this is that I think you would appreciate how stable these machines are in the air.  No sign of tail wag and the ability to lift a decent payload of camera equipment makes these units look really appealing.  If you want to find out more,  you can check out the link added in this post.

The T-copter



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