Copterkids Recent video…

If you’ve been searching online about radio controlled helicopters with aerial video and photography and want to know about why it is such an interesting biz,  you need to keep your eyes on those who are making it happen.  There is so much great content being created by some now days that its hard not to get excited.  One group that I have been watching and have already posted a couple of videos on this blog,  are the Copterkids.  These guys have a real talent for creating great video and its really difficult not to pay attention to their work.  I have no real reason in promoting their work other than having a real appreciation for the experience they create through video.  You can google “Copterkids” if you want to find more of their work and what they are about.

Just another inspiring video…


2 thoughts on “Copterkids Recent video…

    • Hey there Jamie, it’s great to hear a response from you in regards to the “Copterkids recent video ” I had posted up awhile back. In no way am I out to offend anyone by posting about someone’s work I really enjoyed. I did have a chance to look at your site today and I have to say it is pretty awesome as well. If there is anything that you have created that you would like me to share, please let me know and I would look forward to posting up some content in regards to the work that you do as well. Thanks for your time, Kevin.


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