Single bladed helicopter…

Now we all understand that the thought of a single bladed helicopter is the farthest thing from anyone’s mind who is into aerial video,  but the fact that it is very possible is quite cool.  While most people are stretching their current aerial platforms to try to increase the lifting capacity of a helicopter,   I am more than sure that a single bladed heli won’t help anyone.  Just think of the possibilities of a single blade,  there would be a spare blade when you buy a package of blades,  there would be no tracking issues,  the heli would be lighter by one blade,  and possibly ,  there wouldn’t be any vibration issues due to unbalanced blades (of course if you were able to match the weight opposite the blade).   I’ll admit this post has nothing to do with aerial photography but I thought it would be something cool that some would appreciate.

Here is Night flyyers video of his experiment with the single blade heli idea. Enjoy.


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