The Helicam Solutions Pro 60 finally arrives !!!

After a brief interruption in mail delivery services from the Easter Holidays,  I finally received the Pro 60 helicam under mount.  Everything had arrived in fine condition so I had taken it to the garage to add on an old receiver and a Ni Cad 4.8 v battery to the unit.  I had to try just about every camera in the house to see which was the perfect fit.   I had settled on the canon vixia HD as it had a decent weight to it.  I have been looking for videos of the mount on you tube but all I could find were pictures of other peoples setups , so I made a video of my own.  I must say ,  the mount looks really good and functions as well as it looks.  Hopefully I can get in a decent weekend soon to try it out.  The receiver configuration with the servo’s went much simpler than one would expect and the snapshot trigger switch is very cool.

Here is the new arrival …

Helicam Solutions Pro 60 mount

Helicam Solutions Pro 60 mount


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