Pro 60 Helicam mount from Helicam Solutions.

I just wanted to share some exciting news happening in the world of Rchelimenace.  Recently this week,  I had contacted Jody from Helicam Solutions to order the Pro 60 Helicam under mount for my T rex 600 and I just can’t tell you how excited I am for the arrival.  I had been researching all the forums I could get my eyes on for information regarding the best choice for a well built mount.  Photoship one of course was under consideration as well for the 2xpt front mount but that will probably come at a later date.  So after all the pros and cons I could come up with for each type of mount I chose to go with the under slung as it is what I am using for the T rex 450 and it is working just fine. The Pro 60 should give much better visibility as well as perform all of the necessary things I am looking to do.  I feel that this particular mount will hold up well if there is a hard impact landing.   I looked at the design of the front mount such as the 2xpt and it would appear that if this type of mount took a hard impact,  the camera would take quite a jarring as well as with the battery being strapped onto the boom supports would more than likely tear off.  In my mind if the camera is in a self contained unit it could possibly be better protected.   The other thing I like about this mount is that should there be a mishap,  Helicam solutions will replace it free minus the shipping. Another bonus to this is that should you decide to upgrade your mount,  they will give you credit for the current one you bought and you put the difference towards your new mount.  I have been designing my own under mount in the garage and it is turning out quite well.  After recently purchasing a digital scale to find the actual weight of what I had created,  I found that it came in at 3.9 lbs which isn’t too bad but I wanted something a little bit lighter.  I could make it lighter I am sure but right now I have too much on my agenda.  The advantage of course to having a light weight mount is to have a little more flying time.  It is also important  to me that I really did not want to have this heli totally dedicated as an AP platform.

Here is the new arrival which should show up on the doorstep next week :


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