Viral Video…

Recently ,  on my quest to find more information that I could be sharing on this blog.  I came across a site that I found startling in regards to how un-protected your information really is when it is introduced to the internet cloud.  It wasn’t startling in the way that it was obscene but rather that my own video had been posted to this particular site and I had nothing to do with it.  I hadn’t even spent the time to post it there even though it said to come and share your videos,  funny as I had no idea this site existed.  In any event I always welcome my videos to be shared.  If you are really looking to explode your content all over the web I would recommend another site that can do just that for you.   If you haven’t heard of it by now the site is called Tube Mogul.  The awesome thing about this particular site is that you can send video to about 8 different search engines ,  Yahoo ,  MySpace , You Tube, etc. and many upon many eyes will see your stuff.  Instead of being a thief of others content you need to be more original than that,  perhaps  be a strong supporter in the way of ,  you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.  I harbor no hard feelings about anything but if you intend to share something from this blog you can send me an email by sending it to and I will be happy to help you out and even add a link to your site.  You can find the link to the site that posted my video by reading a previous post entitled ”  Rc Heli with video camera under mount ”  where you will find the link at the bottom of the post.  Take care for now.

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