Rc Heli with video camera under mount…

Well,  here it is finally.  After battling the breeze coming down from the mountain and not having a camera man to help me out,  I finally got the sample video up for you.  Now of course it isn’t much,  but with much anticipation I finally have the proof that one of my current creations works effectively.  I struggled against all odds, ( the wind ) to keep it in the frame so that you would be able to see how it performs.  My T rex 450 s  carries the under mount with ease and within the mount is the Kodak Zx1 HD video camera.  Now ,  you’ll have to bare with me as it is a work night for me and my time is very limited but with the day’s finally getting longer and the snow slowly starting to disappear,   the videos will improve.  As we all know,  the daylight plays a pretty big role in how well the picture and the video will turn out.  I’m glad to finally get a clip up for you,  and I hope you enjoy.


I recently found my own video posted on…….. http://www.rcvideos.tv/rc-helicopter-videos/rc-heli-aerial-video-with-undermount-quick-video/……it was without my own doing but hey,  the publicity is always welcome .


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