My own creations…

Since I had began flying rc helicopters I knew I wanted to get into the aerial video realm but there was just a minor factor of how I was going to attach the video camera to the heli. I knew I did not want to even think about strapping the camera on the heli with a rubber band.  So,  I began to brainstorm a bit and started to come up with my own ideas using parts from the hardware store and from around the house  and here is what I came up with…


Here is the Float idea,  I really don’t trust it on water as it may take on water,  but it really works well for landing on snow.


This one is still a work in progress.


This is the one I am currently using now.


The best thing about these is that the are all very lightweight and very effective,  yet the only one I am still working on to keep the weight low is the one in the middle photo. It is made with lightweight copper pipe but needs to be put on a scale, details and info soon to come. Stay tuned !


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