Cool Product…..

There is a heli  I came across on the web the other day that looked like it would have aerial video potential for those of you just getting into the hobby and learning to fly an rc heli.  It is a coaxial model which would be more stable in a hover than your average 450 sized model.  The model is on the Rc Fever website and it retails for around $54 canadian.  The heli is referred to as the Copter Vmax 8828 and it is a ready to fly model.  Here is the kicker,  it is massive in size for a coaxial heli,  the length alone is at 720 mm which about 4 inches longer than a trex 450.  The heli itself is an indoor/outdoor model with about 6- 10 minutes of flight time and the charge time is from 1.5 to 2 hours and is a 7.4 volt 1500 mah battery.  I am more than certain that this heli would carry a flip camera with ease.  You can find more info about this product by going to


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