Uh Oh… The unexpected.

As we all know this hobby can get pretty expensive so it is important that when you start ,  you actually do a bit of research in the forums and on product reviews before you make a purchase.   Any heli has the potential of hitting the ground whether you have gone over your checklist or not.   Others easily find it amusing when you have a crash but not so amusing when it happens to them.
Some key questions to ask yourself are :
  1. How readily available are parts for this particular model ? Can I get them at the local hobby shop or order them online ?
  2. What is the price range of the replacement parts ?
  3. Are there interchangeable parts with other models ?
  4. Am I really interested in investing a certain amount of time or money into this hobby ?
  5. Can I set aside a budget for anything I may need to purchase ?
  6. What am I able to deal with good or bad ?

No one wants to even acknowledge the thought of having a potential crash but at one point or another it can happen to the best of us.  A couple things to think about is , “What is your drive ?”  and “What can you deal with?”.  As with any hobby or sport you do , accidents can happen so it is important to make sure you take a good look at your model and check it over before you head up,  and also to be sure you’ve eliminated all the risks.

Here is one of my very first tries at aerial video,  nearly had a crash.


I haven’t had a crash like this one,  better yet,  not this bad.


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