Heli on Steroids !!

What breed of rc helicopter do you get when you mix a jet with a helicopter ?  THE JET COPTER  .   If you are into heli’s there is a good chance you have heard of these machines,  but if your new to helicopters  you may have just found yourself in a state of awe.  These heli’s have a great amount of power and the roar of the engine just makes the hairs on the back of your neck standup.  They are being used in aerial photography and videography more than people realize because of the amount of weight they are capable of lifting ,  also with flight times in the 30 minute range “what’s not to love?”.  Of course there is a downside to these machines… cost.    The price ranges of these machines go anywhere from around $5,000 to $15,000 ,  to $20,000.  At the moment,  they are way out of my price range but I guarantee you that if they were,   for sure there would be a few in the garage.  If you do have the budget for one of these heli’s you might want to check out  http://www.bergenrc.com/, or http://www.airstarintl.com .

Here is a couple quick videos,  none are mine but I wanted to share them.



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