Pocket video cameras for aerial video ?

Of course it wouldn’t surprise you that pocket video cameras are a great way to get started in aerial video and photography. With the cost being relatively low as well as the weight factor, most find these cameras in the air rather quickly. Two cameras in particular that I have tried are the Kodak Zx1 as well as the Flip Ultra HD. Both have pretty good quality for the money and the T Rex 450 has no problem taking both into the air. I did have to design a light weight under mount for them so that they could be carried the way they were intended. The cameras are relatively easy to use and have nice quality video. The thing I liked about the Flip HD is that when you edited the video, it was also possible to take a snapshot ‘ separate ‘ photo within the video. I will have a video of my aerial platform in the weeks to come so you can see the T Rex 450 carry them with ease. The weight of the Kodak Zx1 comes in at 90g (3.2 oz) without the batteries, and the Flip weighs in at 3.3 oz. Each camera takes ‘AA’ batteries and the Flip comes with rechargeable batteries.  Hope this helps.



Keep your thumbs on the sticks !


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