What the heli is FPV ? ……

You may or may not know already what FPV is in regards to RC helicoptors but it is one of the most interesting types of flying in my  opinion.  What it is , is having a wireless camera at the underside nose of the heli where the operator can actually see where its going, kinda like sitting in the cockpit of the aircraft. A friend of mine told me once that if I ever did try it,  it would make your heart stop.  The reason he said that is because you only get a certain amount of view out of the camera and you can’t see what’s going on behind it,  so you have to make sure your area is clear before take off and landing.  Many video and still camera operators use this method of FPV so they can get the actual view they want on video but it requires the pilot and the camera operator to work together.

Here are some video examples of FPV….


Notice that the pilot can keep his view on the subject.


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