>Flight simulator’s…

>Flight simulator’s are a great tool when it comes to learning the control’s of rc aircraft and the beauty is that they are not weather dependant.  The simulator I use is FS ONE which is a great product for the money, the list price is at $99 but it won’t kill your pocketbook or your flight time.  You can fly different types of helicoptor’s from coaxial to a turbine powered helicoptor. The other kinds of aircraft include prop plane’s, glider’s and one jet plane.  I do try to fly this as often as possible and spend only about a half hour just on specific thing’s such as hovering in a single spot, forward flight, inverted flight …… and of course…. some 3D.  It is perfect in regard’s  to aerial photography and videography because in the sim ,  you can focus on target area’s with the heli and not be distracted by the wind when you are first starting out.  You can however,  add wind in the simulator as well.


Here is a sample video of FS ONE



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