>Is it difficult to fly a 6 channel radio controlled helicoptor?

>When I first purchased my helicoptors , the only thing I was capable of doing at the time was getting off the ground in a hover and getting used to the swash plate controls. It can take some people almost a year of practice to get really proficient when it comes to flying one of these machines.  They are powered by a high powered lithium polymer battery in some cases , and gas or nitro in others.  It isn’t uncommon for head speeds of the rotor to be in the 2000 rpm range and with the blades being carbon fiber, they can cause serious bodily harm or property damage.  When starting into the hobby you will want to treat your machine with respect and making sure you inspect all the mechanics before flying .  The best thing you can do is invest in a simulator ,  this way your hand / eye coordination will improve greatly and when it comes time to fly you will understand the concept.  Do research on your own about which model would suit you best in the beginning stages and just let yourself grow into the hobby gradually rather than buying the most expensive thing and trying to fly ( unsuccessfully) .


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